Who will be making decisions if Joe Biden becomes President?

If Joe Biden wins the presidency in November, the question we’ll be asking for the next four years is who is making the decisions? It’s no secret that Biden is dealing with diminished mental capacity. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. It happens to the best of us as we age. The question, however, that must be answered before you vote for Biden is who actually will be making the decisions if and when Biden’s ability to do so declines?

Some argue the vice-president will be in charge. After all, she—he’s announced he will pick a female of color––will take over if Biden’s issues become so severe that he can be persuaded to resign or if he dies while in office. Yet there are other contenders––unknown and unnamed people who are advising Biden today and who might be added to his team if he wins the election.

As a result, the public may not known who has made a key decision about a major issue, or who is really in charge, but the bigger issue is whether the Biden team will be able to make decisions in a timely fashion in a crisis?

Most likely there will be a battle among a variety of players including Biden’s wife and family, the vice president, and his advisors. As these players battle it over who is making the decisions, they might become parallelized if and when access to Biden becomes restricted due to his health issues. Will the players be able to act without his signature? That represents a potentially dangerous situation––particularly when it comes to dealing with foreign leaders.

Some plan to vote for Biden because they dislike Donald Trump. Such voters should know that they may be creating major problems for the country should a mentally disabled man become president. Is that a price that’s worth paying to get rid of a man whose list of accomplishments is long and praise worthy?

4 thoughts on “Who will be making decisions if Joe Biden becomes President?

  1. You have problem with Black Women? Before you answer, My Momma was a Black Woman. Additionally,

    ” It’s no secret that Biden is dealing with diminished mental capacity. ”

    When did you examine him? Are you the only psychiatrist that has come to this conclusion? You need to let others know because you seem to know something that know one does


    • Of course I don’t have a problem with a woman of any ethnicity or “race” becoming vice-president or president as long as it doesn’t happen until 2024 or later. If you deny Biden is not all there you’ve not been paying attention. Why then are his people keeping him locked up in his basement, letting him out only once in a while and then locking him away immediately when they see how poorly he performed.


      • Is it possible that Biden is following the Trump administration CDC guidance on Covid-19 that President Trump is ignoring?


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