Warren the Ideologue gets it wrong again

Attention Elizabeth Warren supporters. Can you accept the truth that the woman you think is right for America is blinded by her anti-capitalist ideology to facts that don’t suit her model of how the world works?

I pointed out how she fudged the facts with regard to the Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Pact. (See Why Ideologues Make Bad Presidents.) President Obama, who I normally disagree with, is right in criticizing Warren for being wrong on the facts.

Now the Washington Post (not me!) shows that Warren has gotten her facts wrong again–this time when she claims auto dealership markups are costing consumers $26 billion a year. The Post’s Fact Checker gave her four Pinocchios for using bad data to make her argument in favor of ending the excemption car dealers have from supervision by her Consumer Protection Bureau.

Giving the CPB the power to supervise auto loans would raise the cost to consumers as well as tax payers. Consumers would pay more for their loans since there would be yet another layer on top of the existing layers car dealers are required to fill out AND it would result in the CPB hiring an unknown number of enforcers to supervise and penalize car dealers thus increasing the federal budget by a few million a year.

For ideologues like Elizabeth Warren the facts of an issue are less important that the narrative her belief system (ideology) wants to convey. Playing on people’s inclination to believe that business owners will take any opportunity to screw the customer, she will try to impose new layers of regulation that harm consumers in multiple ways without fixing the problem they are supposed to fix.

One thing you can say about Hillary Clinton is that she’s more of a pragmatist than an ideologue. She wets her finger and puts it in the air to see which way the wind of public opinion is going before she decides what she believes. That’s not what we need either.

We need as a president a person with a strong core set of beliefs, but who also understands the American political system requires compromise to work. A presdient should be uncompromising on some issues, starting with the underlying values inherent in the Declaration of Independence and spelled out in the U.S. Constitution. From that base s/he can be compromising where she or he can in order to advance the lives of our citizens while protecting our values on the world stage.

I’m hopeful the Republicans (I’m an Independent) will pick such a candidate to lead their party and this country in 2016.

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